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Many travelers discover the hard way that their primary medical coverage doesn’t cover much while abroad.

Gateway policies provide you with the medical coverage you expect in the event of an accident or illness with added assistance services including emergency medical or security evacuations, medical monitoring and evaluation, medical referrals, replacement of medications, translation services, and help replacing lost or stolen documents. Our policies also cover accidental death, dismemberment or paralysis. 


International benefits remove the worry surrounding potentially high out-of-pocket costs, being unaware of where to turn for help, and even language barriers, letting you focus on your journey.


Gateway can also insure your travel plans, the valuables you carry, and those you leave behind including vacant dwelling insurance for your home.




  • Health benefits

    Gateway offers short and long-term health care packages that operate much in the same way policies your employer offers in the United States.

  • Property insurance

    Our range of plans can cover both the property you leave behind in the US and the property that you take with you overseas.

  • Trip cancellation

    These policies will protect the investment you’ve made in going abroad but can also help you make adjustments to your itinerary.