Trip cancellation protection

Gateway offers trip cancellation & interruption insurance that is designed to protect your travel investment from an unexpected delay or cancellation. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally on business or pleasure, Gateway provides a comprehensive program suited for either individual or group travelers.

  • Plan highlights

    • Cancellation Maximum – Trip Cost $50,000
    • Trip Interruption – 100% of Trip Cost
    • Travel Delay – $500 ($125 per day)
    • Missed Connection – $500
    • Change Fee – $150
    • Reimbursement of Miles or Reward Points – $75
    • Baggage and Personal Effects – $1,500
    • Baggage Delay – $250
    • Accident & Sickness Medical Expense – $20,000
    • Emergency Medical Evacuation – $100,000
    • Common Carrier AD&D – $25,000
    • Rental Car Damage – $40,000
    • Children Under 18 covered at no additional cost per eligible adult insured
  • Additional services

    • Emergency Travel Arrangements
    • Medical Referral
    • Lost Passport/Travel Documents Assistance
    • 24-Hour Medical Monitoring
    • Lost Luggage Assistance
    • Emergency Cash Transfer
    • Embassy or Consulate Referral
    • Legal Referrals
    • Emergency Message Relay
    • Emergency Translations
    • Emergency Prescription Replacement
  • Worldwide coverage

    • Sickness, Injury or Death of Insured, a Family Member, a Travel Companion, a Business Partner or a Child Caregiver
    • Insured’s Primary Residence or Destination Uninhabitable
    • Theft of Passports/Visas
    • Required to Work, Involved in a Merger, Job Loss or Job Relocation
    • Documented Traffic Accident
    • Unannounced Strike
    • Inclement Weather
    • Mechanical breakdown of the Common Carrier
    • Natural Disasters, Mandatory Evacuations
    • Active Military Service
    • A Terrorist Incident
    • Revoked military leave
    • Bankruptcy or Default of travel provider
    • NOAA Hurricane warning at destination
    • Subpoena
    • Jury Duty
    • Quarantine
    • Hijack
  • Exclusions

    Refer to the exclusions from the pamphlet.

  • Contact information

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    International Medical Group
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    Telephone: 1.317.655.4500 or 1.877.808.7434

    For all claims correspondence, please use the following address:
    International Medical Group
    Claims Department
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    To submit applications, underwriting information or premium, please use the following address:
    International Medical Group
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