Moving insurance

N Global® Moving Insurance provides comprehensive worldwide coverage for belongings at every stage of the move, from packing to unpacking.

XN Global® Moving Insurance is comprehensive and covers most physical damage including breakage, disappearance, loss, theft and water damage.

This global policy has no territorial restrictions and is completely inclusive, extending to most personal effects, furniture and valuables, with few exceptions. It takes effect when the goods are packed or removed by the carrier and continues until the goods are received. It applies to both transportation and storage exposures during transit and applies regardless of the carrier’s transportation means.

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Vacant dwelling insurance

Domestic insurers in most jurisdictions are reluctant to cover dwellings that are either vacant, unoccupied or rented to another occupant. In some cases, limited coverage is provided; in most cases, domestic homeowner insurance companies do not provide coverage if an international assignee’s home remains unoccupied or is rented to another occupant.

XN Financial® supplies insurance coverage for vacant, unoccupied or rented dwellings, including condos located anywhere in the United States, Canada and Europe.

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Property insurance for employees abroad

When an international assignment is accepted, one of the important considerations is your personal property and liability insurance while living abroad. Gateway Plus can help support a smooth transition for you and your family. It helps protect your assets and provides security through the same type of coverage with which you may already be familiar.

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