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Most people who frequently travel abroad are aware of the many risks encountered in foreign countries. They know that certain destinations are higher risks for particular diseases; therefore, they take precautions by getting shots to protect themselves. However, a more prudent plan is to purchase worldwide health insurance that provides protection against all medical emergencies rather than particular risks associated with specific areas.

  • Coverage overview

    Gateway Global Medical Insurance offers worldwide health coverage for international travelers including executives, diplomats, students, and expatriates. You have the option to customize your plan depending on the length of your trip and the level of coverage that meets your specific travel plans. Depending on your current medical insurance policy, you may choose the worldwide health plan that excludes the U.S. and Canada. Due to flexible underwriting methods you may obtain the coverage even after being declined by other insurance companies.

    Additional services include:
    • On-site clinical staff available at a moment’s notice
    • Quick and easy access to extensive networks of global health providers
    • Direct access to our Medical Concierge
    • Online account with secure web service tools

  • Worldwide coverage for non-U.S. citizens and U.S. expatriates

    Being a citizen of the global community can be an exciting experience, yet one that can pose potential complications. Your health care while abroad should not be one of those concerns. Whether you are working or living abroad for extended periods, traveling frequently between countries, maintaining multiple countries of residence, or exploring private health care alternatives, Global Medical Insurance is designed to meet your needs.

    Global Medical Insurance offers worldwide coverage to a wide variety of international clientele, including expatriates, international executives, diplomats, students, entertainers and other international travelers. Global Medical Insurance can help eliminate the obstacles of time, currency and language when you are seeking medical treatment and need assistance and administration of your global health care benefits.

    Global Medical Insurance offers you the choice of three plan options: Silver, Gold and Platinum. You also have the opportunity to select a coverage area: worldwide or worldwide excluding the U.S. and Canada. Simply choose the plan option and coverage area that best fits your needs. Each one offers a full range of benefits suited for individuals and families, provides coverage 24 hours a day, and you have the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital for treatment.

    As part of the eligibility requirements for Global Medical Insurance, U.S. citizens must reside abroad or plan to leave the U.S. on their effective date and plan to reside abroad for at least six of the next 12 months. Non-U.S. citizens may reside anywhere, including their country of citizenship, although certain eligibility restrictions may apply to non-U.S. citizens residing in the U.S.

    You also have the option of adding Global Term Life Insurance℠ and Global Daily Indemnity℠ to your Global Medical Insurance coverage.

    This option provides affordable medical security designed for the more budget-conscious consumer. With $5,000,000 of lifetime coverage, Silver offers a wide range of scheduled benefits equipped to meet your essential needs

    This option provides comprehensive coverage to fit the needs of the global consumer who demands a full range of benefits. With its complete benefits package, Gold is the most popular option and it extends to it’s members $5,000,000 of lifetime coverage. Its extensive benefits provide first-rate international medical coverage and aid in reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

    This option provides the superior benefits package for the most discerning global consumer. Platinum offers enhanced benefits and services with $8,000,000 of lifetime coverage. It is designed for the client who wants the convenience of comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits in one plan. The elite Platinum option also offers members access to our exclusive Global Concierge and Assistance Services℠.

    Global Term Life Insurance
    Global Term Life Insurance provides protection for your family at the time of a traumatic loss and is available with no additional underwriting. This coverage is available for a standard annual premium of US$240 and includes an Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit.

    Global Daily Indemnity
    Global Daily Indemnity pays you US$100 for each covered overnight hospital stay other than those related to maternity.

    Lifetime Eligibility
    Lifetime medical coverage is available if you are enrolled in the Global Medical Insurance plan by your 65th birthday and maintain continuous coverage to age 75. Prior to your 75th birthday you will receive a summary of benefits of a new plan, Global Senior Plan®, and an enrollment form for coverage. There is no additional medical underwriting. You simply need to review the benefits, and complete and return the enrollment form with your premium.

  • Pre-existing conditions and exclusions

    After coverage has been in effect for 24 continuous months, the Silver and Gold plan options provide a US$50,000 lifetime benefit for eligible pre-existing conditions that existed at or prior to the effective date, subject to a maximum of US$5,000 per period of coverage. This benefit is payable whether or not you have received consultation or treatment for the condition(s) during the 24-month period. The Silver and Gold plan options do not rider or charge additional premium for pre-existing conditions. If you properly disclose a pre-existing condition at the time of application and are accepted into the plan, you will be covered for eligible medical expenses after 24 months of continuous coverage, subject to the foregoing limits and the other terms of the plan.*

    The following illnesses which exist, manifest themselves or are treated or have treatment recommended prior to or during the first 180 days of coverage from the initial effective date are considered pre-existing conditions and are subject to the waiting period and other limitations of coverage described above: acne, asthma, allergies, tonsillectomy, back conditions, adenoidectomy, hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidectomy, disorders of the reproductive system, hysterectomy, hernia, gall bladder or gall stones and kidney stones, any condition of the breast, and any condition of the prostate.

    On the Platinum plan option, conditions that are fully disclosed on the application and have not been excluded or restricted by a rider will be covered the same as any illness. Conditions, including any complications therefrom, that are not fully disclosed on the application will not be covered.

    • Treatment not ordered or received by a physician
    • Treatment or supplies not medically necessary
    • Investigational, experimental or research procedures
    • Custodial care
    • Weight modification
    • Elective cosmetic or plastic surgery
    • Treatment of impotency
    • Contraceptive medication or treatment
    • Drug and alcohol abuse treatment
    • Organ transplants not specifically listed
    • Routine foot care
    • Treatment by a relative or family member
    • Treatment as a result of war or riot
    • Treatment resulting from illegal activities
    • Speech therapy
    • Persons HIV+ at effective date
    • Organized amateur or professional sports
    • Maternity and newborn care (unless the maternity rider or Platinum plan option is purchased – see Summary Schedule of Benefits)
    • Services and treatment eligible for payment by any government or other insurance
    • Adult routine physical examinations are excluded under the Silver plan option and for the first 12 months for the Gold and Platinum plan options
    • Devices to correct sight or hearing are excluded under the Silver and Gold plan options
    • Inpatient mental and nervous is excluded under the Silver plan option and for the first 12 months for the Gold and Platinum plan options
    • Outpatient mental and nervous condition for the first 12 months on all plan options

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Quality guarantee

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